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Jenna Roberts as the Lilac Fairy in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty. 

Photo by Bill Cooper

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MCR Music Videos as old movies: Black Parade Era

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Pokemon Mega Evolution Posters - Created by Victor Vercesi

Now available for sale on Society6. You can also find more of Victor’s work on Tumblr.

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HOW LONG IT TAKES TO READ THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR BOOKS: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/how-long-it-takes-to-read-the-worlds-most-popular-books

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mostly nature
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"I was gonna work out yesterday but there were some really good episodes on Netlflix"

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10 Magical Pebble Paths That Flow Like Rivers

The garden or back-yard is one of the best places in a home for the home-owner to express their creative side. Why surround all those beautiful plants with an ugly path when you can create a creative stone garden path that looks like a work of art? We collected this list to show you what a well-done pebble garden path can look like.

River stones and pebbles worked really well for the projects in these pictures, but just about any stone can work as long as you can think of a cool design with it and turn it into a stable path.

  1. Judy White
  2. unknown
  3.  Claire Ashman
  4. Francesca Gallo
  5.  sarako
  6. pebbleandcomosaics.com
  7. Sarah Garner
  8. lorifeger.hubpages.com
  9. Chuck Domitrovich
  10. Jeffrey Bale

Yes. All of this.

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Seth Casteel, the photographer behind Underwater Dogs, is back with the adorable series Underwater Puppies (available at Barnes & Noble). Casteel, who taught over 1500 puppies how to swim, hopes to raise awareness of rescue and adoption as well as water safety for pets with these playful photos.

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i fkn lost it mang.

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Haha dude…you are so cute bro. Want to be my bf? Bf means brofriend, so its like double the bro. Youre my best bro dude. I love you man. I really love you so much

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